Rails of Sheffield develops new point motor range

25 March 2021
Joining its 'Rails Connect' exclusive range, the retailer has revealed plans and specification for a forthcoming multi-scale point motor range.

Model retailer Rails of Sheffield is working on a new point motor range in partnership with DCC Concepts. Designed to be fitted to N, TT, OO, O gauge track (or similar narrow-gauge track), the new additions to the Rails Connect range will comprise of an underboard motor, surface-mounted motor and digital point motor accessory decoder.

Rails Connect underboard point motor

The Rails Connect underboard motors (RPM-UB.1) feature a stainless-steel frame for increased strength and durability, pre-attached wires ready for solder-free installation and is supplied with all mounting screws. Rails has highlighted that these can be used either way up, securing with screws, or directly to the point using the six twist-fit tabs. A mounting bracket is pre-installed and the motor frame has multiple securing points for better adjustability. Rails claims that this unit has "ultra-high efficiency for lower power use and more positive point-throw."

Rails Connect above board point motor

For layouts where underboard mounting locations might not be possible, its surface-mounted point motors (RPM-SM.1) feature a low-profile design for discrete mounting, are short and are designed to maximise installation opportunities. The units are supplied with all mounting screws. Rails' fixing system with end loops allows fine adjustment, while pre-attached wires are ready for solder-free installation.

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Rails Connect accessory point motor decoder

Both motors are available in packs of five, and DCC users can benefit from purchasing either with a DCC accessory decoder with built-in high-power CDU, to connect to a DCC accessory bus or 15-18V DC power feed. The accessory decoder promises "positive throws of up to two Rails Connect solenoids motors simultaneously and has incredibly simple DCC addressing with any address from 1 to 2044, plus on-board frog switching, with LED outputs a control panel". In addition, a manual switch input will allow users to override the point motor, if desired.

For more information, including current pricing and availability, visit the Rails of Sheffield website.


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I should probably clarify my comment about the Peco surface mount point motors - they are marginal on the required force to throw a point past the over-centre spring, sometimes it doesn't happen. Hopefully these new ones will have more force. I use DCC Concepts controllers with a CDU so that isn't the problem.

Posted by Roger Thomas on Wed 31 Mar 12:17:52

I look forward to seeing the surface mount motor. My layout has lots of the Peco ones and they are very unreliable, I always have to visually check if they have thrown.

Posted by Roger Thomas on Wed 31 Mar 08:58:29

For newcomers we need clear instructions, possibly with videos, how to install these onto a layout.

Posted by John Berry on Fri 26 Mar 19:08:37