Rails North Eastern Railway Electric Autocar samples on show.

24 November 2019
Rails of Sheffield have displayed the first samples of their railcar, alongside the prototype at Warley.

Both John Barber or Rails and Ben Jones of manufacturers Heljan told BRM that they are extremely happy with the first examples of the model. There is some work to do, but nothing major.

The model will now be thoroughly checked over before being passed for manufacture.

BRM examined it and we were impressed with the detailing, especially of the power unit inside the body and the tram-style seating. Those large windows encourage viewers to peer inside and the firm has employed a very discreet underfloor drive system to ensure everything looks as good as possible.

More details on the Rails website.

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The prototype unit, owned and operated by The 1903 Electric Autocar Trust, formed the centrepiece of the show and was accompanied by representatives of the society, happy to answer visitors questions in this interesting vehicle.

You can find out more by visiting: www.electricautocar.co.uk


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