Rails celebrates 50th anniversary with wagon commission

16 November 2020
The Sheffield-based model retailer and manufacturer marks its half-centennary with a 12T ventilated van from Dapol.

Celebrating its 50th anniversary this year, model retailer, Rails of Sheffield has commissioned an exclusive 12T ventilated wagon from Dapol, painted grey with a contrasting darker grey roof. Tampo-printed logos and gold celebratory emblem add to its character, making it ideal for the collector.

Rails of Sheffield 50 anniversary Dapol wagon exclusive

From its origins in the back of Hedley Barber's grocery shop in the early-1970s, Rails of Sheffield has grown into a multi-million-pound retail business, serving customers around the globe.

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Founded by Hedley Barber in December, 1970, Rails' early trade was in buying and selling second-hand model railways, which it continues to do. Moving to premises on Chesterfield Road in the early-1990s and expanding into adjacent buildings throughout the 2000s, the business occupies 21-29 Chesterfield Road and more recently, opened a new showroom in 2018. Now manufacturing its own line of products, the retailer feels that its exciting plans for expansion and development will make its second half-century "better than ever".

For current pricing and availability of Rails' new wagon exclusive, visit the Rails of Sheffield website.


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