Rails announce Stephenson's Rocket Second Coach

25 June 2020
Following the arrival of the Hornby Stephenson's Rocket Train Pack, Rails of Sheffield have announced the supporting Second Class Open "Blue Coach".

 From its opening in 1830, the Liverpool & Manchester Railway ran both First and Second Class coaches. The Second Class coaches, known as "blue coaches" to distinguish them from the yellow of First Class, were initially open in accordance with stagecoach travel of the day, where those paying a lower fare sat in the open air.

Rails model is based upon a replica coach in the National Collection, built for the Liverpool and Manchester Railway's centenary celebrations in 1930.

The model is manufactured using cutting-edge technologies featuring:

  • A new, ultra high resolution, super-strong aeronautical grade PU with a design life exceeding 25 years
  • A build process using the very latest light technology and is infinitely flexible for making all variants.

Rails aim to fill the need for niche products, which simply would not justify a large production run. As they are produced in limited quantities. A tremendous amount of research and development has been put into this project to ensure accuracy and true replication has been achieved.

Schedule: CAD already completed with the test print sample due next week. Production to begin very soon.

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Update 1/7/2020:

From Rails: This morning Hornby have announced they are producing a model of the L&MR Stephenson's Rocket Open Third Class Carriage. In light of this announcement and the incredible low RRP, we have decided that it would not be wise to proceed with our 3D printed model.

Our thought process behind the project was we felt our model would complement the Hornby Rocket set and we felt this would unlikely be produced by Hornby. Obviously this time we were mistaken. We wish Hornby every success with this exciting new model.
We will therefore regrettably be cancelling all pre-orders for our model. There is no need to email or contact us with will automatically happen over the next few days.



@Mark Mckendrick - Rails announced their project first. Hornby then announced a couple of days later and Rails then cancelled their project. That's covered in the update at the end of the story.

Posted by Andy York on Sat 04 Jul 10:16:28

Why would Rails do this when Hornby has already tooled one up?

Posted by Mark Mckendrick on Wed 01 Jul 11:06:34