Quickview: TMC/Bachmann NER Class O / LNER G5

01 September 2022
Early access is granted to scrutinise a pre-production sample of this 0-4-4T for 'OO'. Let's take a closer look...

World of Railways has been kindly sent a pre-production sample of the forthcoming NER Class O / LNER G5 0-4-4T for 'OO'. With tooling for the locomotives made possible thanks to a partnership between The Model Centre (TMC) and Bachmann Europe Plc, models are expected to arrive with customers around Q2, 2023.

TMC G5 0-4-4T NER Class O OO gauge

Andy York had the model on his workbench to assess detail and see a glimpse of its running qualities. See more in the video, below:

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Models to be released are as follows:

  • 2093 in NER lined green with Westinghouse pump and coal rail bunker (35-250Z)
  • 1759 in NER lined green, as per ‘new-build’ locomotive (35-251Z)
  • 1752 in LNER lined black with Westinghouse pump and cage bunker (35-252Z)
  • 2082 in LNER lined black, push-pull fitted with cage bunker (35-253Z)
  • 67263 in BR lined black with early crests and cage bunker (35-254Z)
  • 67342 in BR lined black with early crests, Westinghouse pump and hopper bunker (35-255Z)
  • 67282 in BR lined black with early crests, push-full fitted with hopper bunker (35-256Z)
  • 67261 in BR lined black with late crests, push-pull fitted with cage bunker (35-259Z)

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To pre-order your model, or specify a level of customisation, visit the TMC website.


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