Quickview: Hornby (R619) Track Symbols

26 August 2022
Recently re-introduced to the Hornby 2022 range, these 1/4 scale track pieces are examined by Howard Smith.

Hornby’s (R619) Track Planning Symbols offer a great solution to individuals and model railway clubs ahead of layout construction. The return of these previously-disappeared items from the Hornby catalogue signals a chance for modellers seeking better layouts to try out different trackplan iterations, before committing to purchasing track, points, crossings and other items.

Hornby R619 Track Planning Symbols

Catering for Hornby’s range of track, injection-moulded plastic parts are simply cut from the fret, and assembled in jig-saw fashion on a flat surface to create the desired trackplan.

Parts are to ¼ scale of Hornby’s OO gauge track, and included are parts to the correct radius for its first, second, third and large radius curves, with short and long variants thereof. Standard left- and right-hand points, and left- and right-hand express points, ‘Y’ points, left- and right-hand curved points, and left- and right-hand diamond crossings are provided, too.

Hornby R619 Track Planning Symbols

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Trackplan solutions for complex scenarios such as diamond crossings and curved points can be found in the instructions, and can be used to complement those on the Hornby website.

Watch Howard Smith take a first look at the items in the video, below:

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