Quickview: Dapol J94 for 'O'

06 September 2022
A tasty new arrival for 7mm:1ft scale? Andy York believes so, as he examines his favourite locomotive prototype in this forthcoming model.

The Gauge O Guild's 'Guildex 2022' event was an opportunity to catch up with the trade and preview kits and models in differing states of development. 

On the Dapol stand, Andy York had the opportunity to speak with Dapol's Product Development and Marketing Manager, Neil Morrlle about its forthcoming 0-6-0ST for its O gauge / 7mm:1ft scale range. Take a closer look at the model in the video, below:

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Images of the first engineering sample of this model can be viewed, below:

Dapol J94 0-6-0PT O gauge

Dapol J94 0-6-0PT O gauge

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Dapol J94 0-6-0PT O gauge

Dapol J94 0-6-0PT O gauge

Dapol J94 0-6-0PT O gauge

Read further updates on this model on World of Railways as we have them.

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Hello, great to see the new scale model of the j94. In the 1978 and 1985 I drove with the 8826 tender locomotive between Tilburg and the Belgium border at Turnhout and operated by SSTT. Is this model for already for sale? Would love to buy one!

Posted by Aard van Weezel on Sat 24 Dec 12:12:43