Quickview: Arnold TT ferry van

06 October 2022
Rolling stock suitable for British-outline 1:120 scale layouts being in short supply, sees Howard Smith turn to opportunities from the continent.

Earlier this year, Peco revealed its new range of British-outline model products for TT at 1:120 scale. It wasn't long before Heljan revealed plans for its Brush Type 2 A1A-A1A (later Class 31) in the scale too. Now what?

Rolling stock of old to the scale of 1:101.6 (3mm:1ft) doesn't look right against the new true-to-scale TT 1:120, which might leave modellers wondering where to turn for something to run on layouts. For now, an easier solution than scratch-building might be to see what is available 'off the shelf' from the continent:

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Discover the full range of Arnold TT 1:120 scale products on the Hornby website.


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