Quadruple exclusives for KMRC

22 September 2023
Locomotives and rolling stock commissioned by retailer across 'OO' and 'O' scales. Here's what we can expect for 2024...

Kernow Model Rail Centre has shared details of four new exclusive models commissioned for its retail business. Arriving at the start of 2024, but available to order now from its website or retail stores in Camborne or Guildford, here's what we can expect:


Dapol Class 59 Aggregate Industries locomotive

  • Item: Class 59/0 59002 Alan J Day in Aggregate Industries and 30-year branding livery
  • Scale: 4mm:1ft/OO gauge
  • Manufacturer: Dapol Ltd for KMRC
  • Available from: Q1, 2024
  • Prices: £169.99 (DCC ready), £199.99 (DCC-fitted), £299.99 (DCC exhaust smoke and sound-fitted)
  • Variants to be manufactured:
  1. (4D-005-KM1) DCC-ready      
  2. (4D-005-KM1D) DCC-fitted
  3. (4D-005-KM1S) DCC exhaust smoke and sound-fitted

Models have a heavy die-cast chassis with all-wheel pick-up, NEM coupling pockets, printed nameplates with etched versions supplied, many separately-applied detail parts. DC lighting with independent control of end lamps (push/pull/light engine) and cab lighting (controlled by switches) and with DCC, controlled independent lighting: push/pull and light engine modes for head and tail lights, day/night headlamp selection and independent cab lighting (leading cab/trailing cab/off).


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Revolution Trains JNA box wagon

  • Item: JNA-T bogie aggregate hoppers
  • Scale: 4mm:1ft/OO gauge
  • Manufacturer: Revolution Trains for KMRC
  • Available from: Q1, 2024
  • Prices: £48.95 (£52.95 with working tail lamp)
  • Variants to be manufactured:
  1. (OO-EAL-105E) 8170 5500 164-5 VTG Mendip Rail
  2. (OO-EAL-105F) 8170 5500 175-1 VTG Mendip Rail
  3. (OO-EAL-105G) 8170 5500 191-8 VTG Mendip Rail
  4. (OO-EAL-105H) 8170 5500 212-2 VTG Mendip Rail with working tail lamp

First produced for KMRC by Revolution Trains back in 2019, the models reportedly sold-out in 12 months. Models feature NEM couplings, RP25 wheelsets and many separately-applied detail parts. As with the previous batch, one version has a battery-operated (battery hidden underneath a false floor) working flashing tail lamp.


Heljan Class 86

  • Item: Class 86/4 86402 in BR blue
  • Scale: 4mm:1ft/OO gauge
  • Manufacturer: Heljan A/S for KMRC
  • Available from: Q2, 2024
  • Price: £229.99

Produced for KMRC by Heljan, this model is based on its revised and updated Class 86 models that feature LED lighting, a detailed underframe, wire handrails and is DCC sound ready with a 21-pin DCC interface.


Dapol O gauge Class 08645 St. Piran

  • Item: Class 08645 St Piran in Kernow flag livery
  • Scale: 7mm:1ft/O gauge
  • Manufacturer: Dapol for KMRC
  • Available from: Q2, 2024
  • Price: £225.00 or £399.99 DCC sound-fitted

The Kernow Model Rail Centre Exclusive detailed model in O gauge is being produced by Dapol. The model features a five-pole motor with die-cast chassis and all-wheel pickup. The cab and running lights are independently controllable.   


Details on these exclusive new models can be found on the KMRC website.

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