Quad Arts revealed for 'OO'

21 April 2023
"Our entrance into the 4mm market", declares Ellis Clark Trains upon the reveal of its latest project.

"That’s right, we’ve been working on our latest announcement for some time now and it’s probably not what you were expecting!" commented Ellis Clark Trains this morning, following an online social tease.

The manufacturer is to release RTR models for OO gauge of the Quad Art coaches, as designed by Nigel Gresley for use on commuter trains on the Metropolitan Lines to Moorgate. Read more about the history of these coaches, here.

Ellis Clark Trains Quad Art coaches

Ellis Clark Trains is producing these models exclusively for its sister company, Clark Railworks, its "OO wing of the family." The manufacturer said, "These stunning models follow in the footsteps of our multi-award-winning Presflos, the Wickhams and the soon-to-be-released 'Black Five', with the detail and quality we have become known for.

Ellis Clark Trains Quad Art coaches

"We have worked very closely both with the M&GN society and the NNR, who have been invaluable throughout the whole process", says Ellis Clark upon the announcement.

Quad Art coaches

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"We'd like to express our sincere thanks to both, for all the advice, info, history and help they have given us to date. We've travelled down to the railway countless times over the past 18 months and simply couldn't have done it without them. It's humbling that they have enabled us to do these magnificent coaches justice in model form and we look forward to delivering the first models to them in person."

Ellis Clark Trains Quad Art coaches

To pre-order, visit the Clark Railworks, where a full specification list can be read.


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Good news, but please consider Gresley's mainline articulated coaches, particularly in BR maroon

Posted by Douglas Boulton on Fri 21 Apr 18:02:17