Podcasts for model railway enthusiasts

24 July 2020
A new series of railway podcasts created for modellers by enthusiasts is set to make workbench modelling more entertaining.

Railway Mania is a recent podcast series led Corwin Bainbridge, which aims to entertain railway enthusiasts. Topics covered vary from modelling in a particular scale, to operational details of restored railways, historical themes or the joys of narrow gauge. Episodes vary in length from twelve minutes to 90 minutes, with the aim being to educate and entertain listeners.

Creator and editor of the series, Corwin, said "I’ve been a long-time listener of shows such as Dan Carlin’s Hardcore History, This American Life and Richard Herring’s Leicester Square Theatre Podcast, which I often listen to when modelling or working, so for me, the obvious question was "why isn’t there something like this for railway enthusiasts?""

US modellers already have access to several railroading podcasts, and a few others have appeared in the UK since Railway Mania began. These often serve as news shows, with regular updates and topical conversation. Corwin continued, "My aim was to do something a different, by providing a resource that doesn’t go out of date easily. News shows have a clear shelf-life, but the vast breadth of topics available to railway enthusiasts means that any number of subjects can be covered in a way that can be entertaining and informative for years to come."

"The podcast episodes are edited and processed to give them energy and flow, as well as trying to strike the balance of detail to include", added Corwin. "For example, I find large amounts of dates and numbers quite difficult to process, so I often try to provide an additional frame of reference to the listener."

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Railway Mania is available to listen on all podcasting apps, as well as being hosted on the Railway Mania YouTube channel, and new episodes appear at roughly six-week intervals. For more details, or to listen to the series, visit its website.


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