PLS Layouts highlights bespoke 'trackmats'

23 August 2023
Solution proposed to visualise layout trackplans before purchasing track.

Professional Layout Services (PLS) is offering a new direct printing service for sheet timber. The printed trackplan are created from CAD trackplans, allowing modellers to precisely fix their 'Setrack' or 'Flexitrack' track to boards. The new system works in a similar way to 'Track Mats', as supplied with Hornby train sets, but can be made to any bespoke size or plan, for any gauge.

Professional Layout Services PLS

Printed track templates show precise placement of track, with codes for purchasing. 

PLS proprietor, Neil Stevenson said, "We can use the direct AutoCAD .DXF file from Winrail, your .PDF export from Anyrail or your Scarm file which we will convert to a usable format. The direct .DXF method is clearly the most accurate but the attached images are all from a Scarm conversion.

Professional Layout Services PLS

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 A precision-fit, CNC-milled cutout for an ADM turntable.

"We are also able to CNC machine mountings for the ADM turntable system, allowing the turntable to be released from the underside, without removing the track. This is the same fitting as the original ADM kit, without cutting out a square plate area into the board, as originally supplied by ADM."

For further details and to enquire about the services PLS can offer, visit its website.


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