Platform luggage and trollies from Mudmagnet

27 March 2023
Assortment of platform trolleys and luggage produced by accessory manufacturer, with more additions promised.

Mudmagnet Models has added resin-printed station details to its range for 4mm:1ft and 7mm:1ft scales. Joining its range are LSWR station barrows, a GWR barrow and long bow barrow. For 4mm:1ft scale, packs contain two models priced at £3.50, while 7mm:1ft scale models are sold individually at £3.00 per pack. All models are supplied unpainted.

GWR barrow luggage 7mm:1ft scale O gauge

In addition, a luggage stack in 4mm:1ft scale (£3.50) with two stacks of suitcases and one stack of trunks per pack joins the range, while a set of five suitcases in 7mm:1ft scale is priced at £6.00 per pack.

luggage 4mm:1ft scale OO gauge

Proprietor, Richard Slate commented, "It’s been a while since I’ve been able to add new products to my range, but have been able to get these few items finished and available for sale on my website. More products are under development."

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For further imagery of these new items, visit the Mudmagnet Models website.


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