Planet Industrials reveals exclusive sound file for Victory

26 January 2022
James Hilton of Planet Industrials talks us through the numerous sound functions of the upcoming Kerr Stuart 0-6-0ST Victory in this new video update.

While production of Victory is underway at the factory, work is continuing behind the scenes to bring all aspects of the project together. One of the most important is the sound project.

Planet Industrials has been working with one of the experts in the field, Paul Chetter, to put together a custom sound file for the model and, according to James, everyone is thrilled with the results! James has produced a short preview video demonstrating all the functions of the sound file, including different running modes, braking functions and spot effects, which you can view below;

Paul commented on the new Victory locomotive; "In a real locomotive, acceleration, speed and deceleration are under control of the driver. He will use his experience of the locomotive type, the train weight, and knowledge of the route to anticipate the control movements required to achieve the required performance and safety. This project utilises ZIMO’s ability to switch between ‘full gear’ sounds, typical of starting a heavy train or steam ‘cut-off’ sounds heard when the driver reduces the duration of steam input to the cylinders.

The Inertia and Momentum settings, by default, are set high, producing acceleration and deceleration rates expected from a heavy train. A light engine, or a very lightly loaded train, can accelerate more rapidly, so when engaged, F17 will instantly reduce inertia and momentum to provide more brisk acceleration and deceleration.

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The objective is to simulate the real driving experience as closely as possible, so with the locomotive moving, reduce the throttle setting to zero. The loco will drift, gradually decelerating and the exhaust sound will fade into rod clanking. You then engage the brakes with F2. A short ‘dab’ will produce a short brake application sound and a modest increase in deceleration rate, a longer application will produce a longer brake application sound and a higher rate of deceleration.”

If you decide you would like to upgrade your non-sound pre-order to a sound-fitted model, email [email protected] or contact Planet Industrials on Facebook, quoting your order number.

Planet Industrials cannot guarantee the availability of sound-fitted locomotives from stock once the production shipment arrives. If you would like to place a pre-order for a sound-fitted model or upgrade an existing order, the firm recommends you act as soon as possible!


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