PermaWay / Karlgarin release O gauge track components

06 November 2019
New track chair tooling for 7mm scale bullhead rail now available, with a range of common types.

PermaWay / Karlgarin Models has released injection-mulded ABS chairs suitable for O gauge rail. The standard S1 three screw or bolt plain line chair, four screw or bolt 'P' slide chair and four screw or bolt L1 bridge chair are included on a single sprue. Each pack contains 200 right-hand and 200 left-hand S1 chairs and 50 each of the P and L1 chairs. 

The chairs (7PW3CH) are being carried by PermaWay / Karlgarin Models and Phoenix Precision Paints. Bullhead rail is also available with two options, 10 x 1m lengths or 10 x 30in length packs, with tooling for standard and turnout sleepers in the process of being manufactured. 

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Visit the websites for current pricing and availability.



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