Peco releases new range of 1960s House Kits

19 June 2024
Having released a range of Victorian House kits, Peco has moved on a few generations and released a new range of 1960s House kits in OO.

They probably number in the tens of thousands throughout the UK and will easily fit into a layout for the period from the sixties to the present day. 

There are three wooden laser-cut kits available: Low-relief Fronts & Backs, and the Full Building Kit. With brick and tile textures on the surface, the models also feature guttering and downpipes, a separate porch at the front and blinds in the windows, which can be positioned as desired. 

Prices are as follows;

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LK-214 OO/HO 1960s Semi-Detached House Complete - £29.34
LK-212 OO/HO 1960s Semi-Detached House Fronts - £15.25
LK-213 OO/HO 1960s Semi-Detached House Backs – £16.74

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