Peco issues update on new 7-plank wagons

19 October 2023
The first items of Peco's ready-to-run rolling stock in TT:120 will be hitting shelves soon.

Eight new 7-plank open wagons are arriving, representing a mixture of the post-grouping companies, British Railways, and the first three private owner liveries., including well-known brands like Cadbury and Coleman’s. 

Costing £17.05 each, the wagons are all supplied in singles, with the following versions available;

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  • TT:120 Scale GWR 7-Plank Open Wagon 
  • TT:120 Scale LNER Grey 7-Plank Open Wagon
  • TT:120 Scale LMS Grey 7-Plank Open Wagon
  • TT:120 Scale SR Brown 7-Plank Open Wagon
  • TT:120 Scale BR Grey 7-Plank Open Wagon
  • TT:120 Scale 'Huntley & Palmer' 7-plank Open Wagon
  • TT:120 Scale Cadbury 7-Plank Open Wagon
  • TT:120 Scale Coleman's 7-Plank Open Wagon


  • Fine plastic moulding with thinner wagon body walls
  • Interior detail as well as exterior detail
  • Separately-fitted brake lever.
  • Brake shoes in line with the wheels
  • Ultra-fine printing detail
  • Free-running metal-tyred wheels
  • Standard (removable) TT:120 coupler compatible with other TT:120 rolling stock on the market

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