Oxford Rail shows the first painted 10T Goods Vans and Pilchard wagons

04 June 2021
The first photos showing decorated samples of Oxford's new wagons have been released.

Great Eastern 10T good van

Announced in January 2020, the models are expected to arrive in shops in July this year.

OR76GEGV001 Great Eastern GER 10t Covered Van No.32109
OR76GEGV002 NE GER 10t Covered Van No.630616
OR76GEGV003 BR GER 10t Covered Van No.E612630

BR Pilchard wagon

Another January 2020 announcement, these wagons should arrive this autumn.

The model is decorated in ex-works condition and based on photographs of the prototype.

OR76PIL001 Pilchard Wagon BR Black DB990099
OR76PIL002 Pilchard Wagon BR Black DB990092

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The Pilchards became heavily weathered in service, so you might find these articles useful:

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