Outer Londoners lack public transport says RIA

12 June 2023
"More reliable services needed to encourage 5.4M outer Londoners onto greener forms of transport", says Railway Industry Association.

A Centre for London report on June 6, revealed that people living in Outer London are using their cars for journeys at twice the rate than those in Inner London – 38% of journeys made vs. 19%, due to lack of public transport options.

The Railway Industry Association argues that "rail is one of the key transport modes for people living in the suburbs, but without increasing the investment in rail services, people will have no option but to resort to their cars. 

"To meet the Net Zero challenge and to provide people with options following the expansion of the ULEZ zone, there must be greater access to reliable, sustainable public transport options."

Rob Cook, Policy Director at the Railway Industry Association, said: “This report shows that if we are serious about helping the 5.4M people living in outer London get out of their cars and move to greener transport options, we need urgent investment in London’s railways.

"Rail is one of the greenest forms of transport, contributing just 1.4% of transport emissions despite carrying 10% of all journey kilometres and accounting for under 1% of all UK emissions. Encouraging more people onto our trains will help us achieve Net Zero and help with the Mayor’s ambitions of improving air quality in the capital.

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"The Railway Industry Association (RIA) welcomes the report's recommendation that the Department for Transport should work with Transport for London to improve the reliability, speed and frequency of services in outer London. By providing a more reliable service, it will become a better option for commuters and encourage them out of their cars and onto the railways.”

Do you commute into London from the outer suburbs? Do you commute by car or train? Let us know in the comments, below...

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