Out now: Weathered Class 416s

20 April 2022
The Model Centre highlights limited-edition resprays of Bachmann EMUs into BR blue, with further customisation options available.

The Model Centre (TMC) has resprayed a small number of Bachmann's OO gauge Class 416 EMUs (2-EPBs) into BR blue, in response to customer demand. Highlighting the exclusive models which were completed during lockdown, but largely kept hidden from the public, the model retailer and customisation specialist said that "only a small quantity of the models remain for sale".

Chris Yates of TMC said, "As this model wasn’t available in BR blue livery, we gambled by making 'on spec' multiple running numbers – excuse the pun! There are numerous processes and techniques depending on which technician resprayed the model. Some completely dismantle model, while others mask out the glazing with Maskol."Bachmann Class 416 2-EPB

A fully-resprayed and weathered 2-EPB two-car EMU, 5753 in BR blue with small yellow warning panel.

"Most projects are customer led, making it more commercial. The research is invaluable and picks up variations such as the twin horns which were fitted to the later blue units. These are replicated on the model," he added.

As with most of the models which can be purchased from TMC, buyers can opt to further customise models for additional cost when ordering, via a number of menus. These cover the model finish (choose from: value weathering, light weathering, medium weathering, heavy weathering, custom deluxe weathering, or a high-gloss finish), installation of DCC or DCC sound, changing the destination markings, renaming and renumbering the model, adding a cab crew, and fitting screw-link couplings. Alternatively, models can be ordered without the above, with a standard pristine finish. 

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Find an up-to-date list of the models, running numbers, current pricing and options available on the TMC website.





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