Out now: Lifecolor’s Painting Guide Vol. 2

12 May 2022
Wood, mould, rust and other weathering effect tutorials are covered in this new volume from Mr. Black Publications.

The second painting guide produced in close collaboration with Lifecolor Acrylic paints by Astromodel S.A.S. is now in stock with The Airbrush Company. This issue has six articles, plus extra details offering more information.

Designed to offer essential information on painting, weathering and finishing scale models to the highest standard, it also aims to give readers the best results from using Lifecolor water-based paints and products. Each subject featured has a full list of the Lifecolor colour paint codes used for the painting and weathering processes.

Available information on historical facts and real equipment is included in most cases, which enriches the content of the book and imparts interesting information to readers.

Volkswagen Beetle Lifecolor Airbrush Company

Talented artist Theodosis Giannakidis has contributed two unique articles to this volume on the secrets of achieving a natural and realistic finish. The first one is on ‘How to Paint Sandbags’ from Black Dog and the second is on ‘How to Paint Wood’ effects on Miniart’s Farm Cart. Both articles have step-by-step photos and detailed captions.

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Cart Lifecolor Airbrush Company

Inside, Martin Hughes explains in detail how to create rust, mould and decay on a 1:24 scale Volkswagen Beetle and Vincenzo Lanna explains how to paint a German camouflage pattern on a captured Russian tank KV-1 in using an airbrush and a brush. Alessandro Gobbi explains in detail the ‘non metallic metal’ painting method he uses with step-by-step photographs. Christos Katselos also paints a 1:24 scale fantasy figure in a scenic setting.

Though no railway subjects are featured in this issue, all the techniques demonstrated can be directly transferred to model figures, layout vehicles and locomotives and rolling stock.

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