Out now: BRM July 2022

13 June 2022
From customising a ready-to-plant building, to reviews of Hornby's OO gauge Class 91 and Heljan's O gauge Class 56, plus three exciting layouts, this summer edition is brimming with modelling ideas.

The July 2022 issue of BRM is on sale today in digital format. Print copies are available from June 16. Three varied layouts feature inside – for OO gauge, 'Wimborne' and 'Kannotburn', and for O gauge, 'Peasevern Yard'. Complementing these, and following on from the June issue, we revisit 'Grantham' too, for a look at its named trains.

Kannotburn OO gauge BRM July 2022

"It’s a wonderful spectacle to see a train rolling above the village below and across the mountains in the distance," say Martin Axford and Jack Royle of Bentley Model Railway Group in their article on 'Kannotburn'. Read about their second-hand layout purchase in this issue.

Grantham Stirling Single rolling stock BRM July 2022

‘Just because we can’ modelling by Jonathan Wealleans. The famously recreated '1888 Flying Scotsman’ stock is surprisingly well documented and it has been possible to reproduce it down to vehicle numbers, the marshalling order and the weathering patterns on the carriages. Read more on this recreation and others in Graham Nicholas' article.

On the practical side, ideas and demonstrations inside this issue include getting the best out of coach weathering with a minimum of tools, creating model landscape from baseboard level to grass, customising a ready-to-plant building, constructing a signal box, a guide to street furniture with 'who makes what', plus the continuation in our mini-series of re-cycling a layout to reduce your modelling expense.

BRM layout second hand

Continuing his layout salvage and changing what lies atop, Phil Parker continues his mini-series, sharing ideas to breathe new life and give a fresh identity to an old model railway.

Jeff Grainger

From baseboard level up, Jeff Grainger describes the techniques behind the construction of this photographic diorama with excellent lineside vegetation, all inspired by a photograph.

Plus, don't miss our history guide on the 'merry-go-round' hoppers alongside our review of Accurascale's new HAA wagons, plus reviews of Hornby's Class 91, Heljan's Class 56, and the Class 319 from Graham Farish.

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Hornby Class 91 review BRM July 2022

Hornby's new 91 reviewed – Howard Smith fills us in on his findings...

Hornby Class 91 review BRM July 2022

An arm wrestle, anyone? Heljan's Class 56 has torque in spades, but what do we think? Find out in our July 2022 issue of BRM.

Digital issues come packed with bonus content just for our digital subscribers. This month includes six extra videos, five bonus layout articles, including two additional layout features, and 57 exclusive images!

Also included is your monthly dose of World of Railways TV. This month, Gordon Edgar introduces us to his fantastic OO gauge layout, 'Wimborne', Phil Parker demonstrates weathering techniques, plus Howard Smith heads to the North Norfolk Railway to explore the trains running on a typical weekday.

  • Watch this month’s edition of World of Railways TV
  • 57 exclusive images
  • Six extra videos
  • Three bonus practical articles
  • Kirkcudbe & Parsons Vale Carriage Sidings included

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