Osborns Models reveals six-wheel milk van kit and cement lorry for 'N'

21 October 2020
Joining the retailers' list of exclusives models this month is an LMS six-wheeled milk van kit and a 3D-printed cement lorry.

Devon-based model retailer, Osborns Models has released a new multi-media kit (ALN059) to depict an LMS six-wheeled milk van. The kit contains a laser-cut body and chassis, the retailers' turned brass buffers, NEM coupling pockets with couplings and is said to require only glue, paint and transfers to complete.

osborns models LMS milk van

The retailer has advised removing flanges from the centre wheelset for tight radius track.

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Also of interest to 2mm:1ft scale modellers is its new 3D-printed Scania 6x4 lorry, depicting a cement mixer. Available in white (A3D103) or orange (A3D107), the models are also available unpainted (A3D106) at a lower price for modellers to create their own livery.

osborns models cement mixer

For further details, including current pricing and availability, visit the retailers website.



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