Osborns Models adds to Arch Laser vehicle range

28 June 2021
Further 3D-printed road vehicles for 1:148 scale layouts are produced, offering modellers variety from die-cast models.

Osborns Models has added further road vehicles to its Arch Laser range of 3D-printed items for 1:148 scale. The models require painting, though each should require no more than a few hours if using fast-drying acrylics over a suitable primer under good conditions. The manufacturer aims to introduce further vehicles, all of which aren’t commonly available in the scale as die-cast models.

New additions include a Bedford TK low-loader (A3D116N):

Bedford TK Osborns Models N gauge

A Bedford TK road sweeper (A3D112N):

Bedford TK road sweeper Osborns Models N gauge

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And Bedford TK steel tipper (A3D111N):

Bedford TK tipper


To see the full extent of its range, current pricing and availability, plus options for its painting service, see its website.


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