Operational 'buckeye' couplings from Ellis Clark Trains

02 December 2022
Manufacturer/retailer impresses with functional 7mm:1ft scale 'buckeye' couplings for its rolling stock range, and for those of other manufacturers.

Ellis Clark Trains has introduced working 'buckeye' couplings for 7mm:1ft scale. Sold in pairs, the chemically-blackened, detailed, die-cast items are robust, and sprung, too.

The sprung-loaded knuckle tongue keeps rolling stock locked together when coupled, while the drophead function works too, operated via 'lift and drop' method.

The manufacturer has said that, "after extensive research, design and testing, we are now proud to offer these for sale. They will fit most RTR and kit-built stock through the buffer beam coupling eye. They're working replicas of real-life articles, so they're perfect if you're after the ultimate level of detail and realism."

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Couplings are priced at £12.50 per pair, with 10% off when buying five or more pairs, and when fitted, allow rolling stock to operate on Peco second radius curves. In the 'drop' position the hook can link to three-link, instanter or screw-link type couplings, while in the 'raised' position, they will 'push' couple to one another, alongside most other brands of Buckeye couplings.

Further details of the new items can be found on the Ellis Clark Trains website.

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