OO Works to produce LSWR 330 Class Saddletank

26 March 2020
The LSWR 330 class, known as "Saddlebacks", was a class of goods 0-6-0 saddle tank steam locomotives designed for the London and South Western Railway. 20 were constructed by Beyer, Peacock and Company between 1876 and 1882.

The class lasted in service until 1933. Most examples were scrapped, except for number 0335, which was sold to the Kent & East Sussex Railway where it survived until 1948.

OO Works models are hand-built ready-to-run locomotives produced in small batches. Made of metal, they are fitted with coreless motors and Romford wheels.

The following liveries will be offered:

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  • LSWR Holly Green No. 316
  • SR Lined Black No. 0334
  • Kent and East Sussex Railway Apple Green No.4
  • East Kent Railway Apple Green No.7

Price: £279 + P&P


I think it would have been really helpful If you could have given contact details for OO Works. I'd like to order a loco, but it seems almost impossible to get in touch with them, especially from Australia ! No Website - No e-mail address - They don't seem to advertise anywhere - and the only snail-mail address or phone number I can find hasn't been confirmed for over 3 years. Cheers, Frank Savery, - [email protected]

Posted by Frank Savery on Sat 18 Jul 07:20:26