N’Tastic Scale Models expands range

01 November 2023
Great news for N gauge modellers, N’Tastic Scale Models has released a number of new models over the last few months…

The following have been released over the past couple of months 

  • Horse Drawn - 4W Bin Cart 
  • 1952 - Shelvoke & Drewry - Freightlifter Forklift 
  • 1946 - Shelvoke & Drewry - W Type Bin Lorry 
  • 1984 - Dennis RS Water Tender 
  • 1965 - Hillman Super Imp car + Police version 
  • 1965 - Hillman Imp Californian car kit 
  • 1965 - Hillman Imp Van + AA van 

N’Tastic Scale Models has also completed its first commission for a vehicle kit, a 1987 - Leyland Freighter - Pump Ladder FE and other commissions in design and capacity for the new year. 

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The following will be launched shortly

  • 1945 - Fordson E27N Major Tractor 
  • 1950s Farm trailers x4 
  • WW2 British ¼ Ton service trailer with or without a load of flimsy fuel cans

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