The winner of the BRM Cake Box Challenge is announced.

15 July 2019
mudsweatandbeer-65420.jpg Mud, sweat and beer
Voting for Round 2 of the BRM Cake Box Challenge has closed and the winner is announced.

The winner of round 2 of the BRM Cake Box Challenge has been announced, and it is:

Mud, Sweat & Beer

built by Richard Rycroft

Richard took the theme "New Beginnings" and looked to the very earliest days of the railways.

Paying tribute to the men and horses who built, largely by hand, our great railway system across the country, he took the chance to show how their lives were about to change through the introduction of mechanised digging and so in the centre of the scene is a very new "steam navy". These machines could shift a tremendous amount of earth, no mean feat in the days when a man could move 18 tons in a day, and would both speed up progress and displace many men. 

The modelling involved some ingenious scratchbuilding and the use of real earth to represent, earth.

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Richard wins £100 of Humbrol modelling products, generously provided by the company as part of the celebration of their own century.

You can see more of the model here. 

If this has inspired you to have a go, then Round 3 has launched and you can find full details on RMweb.


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