Sofas, signage and more from ScaleModelScenery

17 May 2019
signage-95469.jpg scalemodelscenerysignage
New and varied items this month from the layout accessory manufacturer. But are they useful to layout builders?

ScaleModelScenery has been making waves on the model railway scene for the past couple of years, carving itself a niche for layout accessories. The enthusiastic team behind the brand has been listening to its customers' requests and working tirelessly to develop and bring many previously unavailable items to market, helping modellers create their dream models.

We've seen the manufacturer pioneer the use of laser-cutting and 3D printing technologies to create multi-media kits aimed at beginners and intermediate modellers, with a particular emphasis on the much-neglected present era.

Arriving this month are 3D-printed armchairs, platform coping and depot signage. But, how can each be used? Let's take a look...

Though largely hidden inside N gauge buildings, even if lit, its pack of four armchair sofas (AX088-N) are very small, but would look great heavily weathered and dumped in a miniature skip cameo for the ultimate urban neglect look....

ScaleModelScenery AX088-N sofas

Take a seat. The camera lens is cruel to these small items, highlighting the print lines, however, once painted, these should be less visible.

Suitable for use with Peco LK-62 platform edging, its platform coping (LX213-00) is very accurate, with clear marks for white line edges. Raised anti-slip dots are present, too, making these packs ideal for any station from the late-1990s to the present. For curved platforms, cut each slab from a row and place adjacent to the next, following the curvature of the platform.

ScaleModelScenery platform coping

Five strips of laser-cut platform coping are included per pack, providing 670mm of edging.

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If you've a modern diesel depot (and let's face it, many current scene layouts have...) you'll be interested in this pack of common lineside and depot signage. Supplied printed and pre-cut onto a self-adhesive sheet, you'll find a selection of gauge, speed, horn and hazard signs. Simply peel, affix to one of the poles that you've cut to length and painted, then glue into a 1mm hole in your layout.

scalemodelscenery depot signage

Its pack of Modern Lineside Signage (S017-OO) is supplied with 20 lengths of plastic strip to make the poles.

See more from ScaleModelScenery on its website.




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