Snailbeach style open hopper wagons in On30 from EDM models

22 April 2019
Snailbeach-wagon_small-13811.jpg Snailbeach style hopper
Easy to assemble 3D printed kit for a wooden hopper.

EDM Models have produced their first easy to assemble kit in On30 (7mm scale on 16.5mm track) for the popular Snailbeach District Railway hopper.

Based on the Shropshire 4-wheel prototypes, the wagons are very similar to those found on numerous railways both in the UK and abroad. Rolling stock like this was often sold when no longer used, so there's no reason one or more of these wouldn't appear anywhere.

The kit consists of a single high-quality 3D printed unpainted body for the modeller to finish. Wheels from Intermountain and genuine Kadee couplings are included and simply need to be clipped into place.

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Price - £55 for three wagons, complete with wheels and couplings.

More details on the EDM Models website


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