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15 June 2019
rothley8-30130.jpg GCR Rothley Station Bachmann Scenecraft
Announced at the Great Central Railway model event this weekend, Bachmann Europe Plc is to produce its model buildings based on those at the GCR in two additional liveries.

Bachmann Europe Plc has announced several new livery additions to its Scenecraft range of OO scale buildings at the Great Central Railway’s (GCR) Model Event this morning. Fittingly, the models are based on the structures found at the GCR’s Rothley Station. The models have previously been available in green and cream livery – originally used by the GCR in the early 20th century and the condition in which Rothley Station is currently presented.

Due to popular demand these models make a welcome return along with the addition of two further colour schemes of brown and cream, suitable for the 1920s-1940s and as Quorn & Woodhouse Station appears today, and maroon and cream harking back to the 1950s-1960s when the line was under the control of BR Midland Region. Each set consists of a high-level station entrance and staircase, a station booking office and
canopy, a waiting room and toilet. Matching road bridges are also available to complete the station scene. Each model is hand-painted with features including etched windows and signs and separately-applied detail parts such as fire-buckets and lamps.

GCR Model event BRM

Tickets to The Great Central Railway's Model event, held this weekend, allow visitors to enjoy free travel along the line. Don't miss the BRM stand.

Don't miss the following Scenecraft items, coming into stock, soon.

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44-115A Gentlemen's Toilet GCR Green & Cream £19.95
44-115B Gentlemen's Toilet 1920s-40s Brown & Cream £19.95
44-115C Gentlemen's Toilet - 1950s-60s Maroon & Cream £19.95
44-116A Waiting Room GCR Green & Cream £39.95
44-116B Waiting Room 1920s-40s Brown & Cream £39.95
44-116C Waiting Room 1950s-60s Maroon & Cream £39.95
44-117A Station Booking Office and Canopy GCR Green & Cream £53.95
44-117B Station Booking Office and Canopy 1920s-40s Brown & Cream £53.95
44-117C Station Booking Office and Canopy 1950s-60s Maroon & Cream £53.95
44-119A High Level Station Entrance GCR Green & Cream £89.95
44-119B High Level Station Entrance 1920s-40s Brown & Cream £89.95
44-119C High Level Station Entrance 1950s-60s Maroon & Cream £89.95
44-121 Central Single Track Road Bridge £39.95

The models above models are available to purchase from Bachmann stockists during show and soon, from your local Bachmann stockist.



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