NEWS: Scalescenes launches ARP signal box kit

02 October 2019
The download and print-at-home kit manufacturer releases a WWII-inspired Air Raid Precaution signal box for N and OO gauges.

This compact space-saving download and print-at-home kit has been designed to capture the utilitarian character, proportions and details of an Air Raid Precaution (ARP) signal box. Offered with a choice of textures to cover a variety of brick finishes (Red, Brown, Dark Red and London) the kit is available to download for OO and N gauges. The kit comes with a choice of left or right entry and stairs, a choice of doors, pre-sized plywood sheets for a derelict version, plus wall and floor details.


ARP signal box

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For pricing and Scaleglaze options for this kit, visit its website.


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