Round 3 of the BRM Cake Box Challenge launched

01 July 2019
cakboxlaunch-35534.jpg Holidays
The latest round of the BRM Cake Box Challenge has launched.

Round 3 of BRM's popular Cake Box Challenge has now launched.

As before, the rules are simple. Entrants are asked to build a small diorama that must fit in a standard 8-inch square, 6 inches tall, cake box. The model must include at least 2 railway-related items.

Each round has a theme, and as Phil Parker explains in the video, this time it is "Holidays".

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Modellers are allowed to interpret this in any way they like, so there's plenty of space for imaginative ideas.

At the end of October, we'll be asking people to send us details of their models, which will then be voted on by readers of RMweb.

To celebrate their 100th birthday, Humbrol have agreed to supply £100 of their products to the winner.

To support the competition, we have a thread running on RMweb here.


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