Princess Royal EP and more updates from Hornby

29 July 2019
es-r3686-2-45406.jpg Huntley and Palmers W4 Peckett Hornby
The Margate manufacturer releases pre-production images of its forthcoming OO gauge 4-6-2, with progress updates on further items from the 2019 range.

Highlighted on Hornby's The Engine Shed website blog were updates to several key preproduction and engineering items for its 2019 range of models. One of its first samples of the forthcoming Princess Royal was unveiled, alongside decoration samples for its Class 156 Northern Rail ‘Spirit of the Royal Air Force’ livery and its Class 87 in Virgin Trains livery.

Its Princess Royal is to be released in three guises: No. 6201 Princess Elizabeth (R3709), No. 46206 Princess Marie Louise (R3711) and No. 46207 Princess Arthur of Connaught (R3713). All are to be made available with TTS sound too, these can be found by adding and 'X' after the reference number. 

Hornby Princess Royal 4-6-2 locomotive


First samples of Hornby's Princess Royal, highlighting progress on the frames, running plate, boiler and cab.


Hornby Class 87 Virgin Trains R3656

Class 87 in Virgin Trains livery as 87019 Sir Winston Churchill. Expected to arrive August 2019.

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Hornby R3686 Peckett locomotive and wagons pack

Packaging for Hornby's W4 0-4-0T 'Huntley and Palmers' collectors edition 'Peckett'.

Hornby W4 locomotive and wagons pack R3686

Hornby W4 Peckett and wagon pack R3686

The limited edition locomotive and wagons (R3686) will retail with an RRP of £142.99, available this autumn. 

On June 23, in Newcastle Central Station, a commemorative RAF livery was revealed on a Northern Rail Class 156. Hornby produced a bespoke model for the event, but later announced it was to be made available as part of its range. Livery samples of Hornby's Class 156 (R3772) in Northern/Royal Air Force livery have arrived with the manufacturer. The model is due for release late-August, with production limited to 1,000 pieces.

Hornby Class 156 RAF R3772

Hornby (R3772) Class 156 Spirit of the Royal Air Force.

More details can be found on Hornby's website.



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