New pre-production models seen at DEMU last weekend

02 June 2019
Cavalex-PGA-on-coin_450-61313.jpg Cavalex PGA
There were plenty of new pre-production models to be seen at DEMU over the last weekend. BRM was the only magazine to photograph them, here are our exclusive pictures,

All the models shown are pre-production items at various stages of completion - some are early 3D prints while others decorated samples. 

Please check the individual manufacturer's websites for fuller details.

There will also be updates and discussion in the Products and Trade area of the RMweb forum










4mm scale PFA Container flats with both coal and gypsum containers

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4mm scale BLA produced exclusively for Rails of Sheffield

4mm scale TEA tank

2mm scale PGA wagon


2mm scale PCA cement wagons

2mm scale pocket container wagon

RevolutioN Trains

2mm scale HOA hoppers

2mm scale 56xx produced with Sonic Models


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