LNER ACFI kit for Hornby A1/A3 from NIU Models

05 July 2019
Niu2-94927.jpg NIU Models ACFI water pump
Expected to be launched mid-July 2019, this OO gauge conversion kit from the supplier is aimed at intermediate modellers.

NIU Models, a supplier that carries out the weathering, detailing and renaming of model locomotives has announced its first OO gauge kit for an LNER water feed heater pump. Expected to be launched mid-July, it represents the device as fitted to A1 No. 2576 The White Knight and A3 No. 2580 Shotover between 1928 and 1936. The pump was fitted to the LH side of the boiler over the front driving wheels with pipework running externally along the boiler.

NIU Models kit includes the ACFI pump in two parts, a support bracket, zenith separator, boiler feed cleat and smokebox mixing chamber. It has been is designed to fit the current Hornby A1 and A3 models, but can be made to fit the previous Hornby and Triang A1 and A3 models by modifying the support brackets. The kit will require 1mm, 0.8mm and 0.5mm brass wire to complete the conversion and is aimed at intermediate modellers.

NIU Models ACFI water pump

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For current pricing and availability, find NIU Models on social media, or visit its website.



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