Kernow Model Railway Centre 'Warship' - It's here!

15 March 2019
1-59461.jpg Kernow Model Rail Centre
Almost a decade since its announcement, Kernow Model Rail Centre's exclusive D600 'Warships' have finally arrived. Andy York takes a first look.

After almost 10 years, Kernow Model Rail Centre's exclusive models of the D6XX North British 'Warships' in OO gauge have arrived. Announced in 2010, many teething problems were encountered with suppliers, resulting in the model shop bringing its production in house from April 2018.

Progress has since been swift and the models are arriving with the retailer. Produced using tools now owned by Kernow Model Rail Centre, each of the six variants will be produced in a limited edition of 750, featuring etched nameplates, working directional and cab lighting, a coreless motor with flywheels and will be DCC-ready.

Ahead of its review in the May issue of BRM, on-sale April 25 as a printed edition and April 19 as a digital edition, Andy York takes a first look...

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