Kernow Model Rail Centre open new branch in Guildford

01 May 2019
Kernow-2-72368.jpg Kernow staff
Kernow Model Rail Centre has expanded with a brand new model shop in Guildford.

1st May 2019 was a big day for model railway enthusiasts in Guildford - Kernow Model Rail Centre opened a new shop in the town.

Chris and his team were on hand to welcome everyone while trying to finish the last few jobs setting up the new premises. He admits that after the experience of setting up the original Cornish branch single-handed, this was supposed to be easier, but it was just as much work and took as long even with more help.

The shop is well-stocked with all the major manufacturer's products on the shelves - Bachmann, Dapol, Hornby, Heljan, Humbrol, Graham Farish, Metcalf Models, Noch, Oxford Rail, Peco, Ratio plus many others. There were even deliveries of new stock, including Kernow's own commissioned models during the first day, leading to problems finding space to unpack things at one point. As well as a full shop, the storeroom is pretty packed. 

Opening day saw a rush of customers through the door - for much of the time the queue for the till stretched back to the door. Everyone BRM talked to agreed that the shop looked amazing and that they would be becoming regular visitors.

Check out BRM's Phil Parker for a guided tour of the premises here.

As part of the opening celebrations, Andy York and Phil Parker from BRM, were joined by Tony Lowe and Richard Proudman from Bachmann, and Steve Flint, the head judge from the Great Model Railway Challenge. Tony and Richard have brought along a selection of engineering prototype models as well as the first decorated Class 90 locomotive to run on the model railway in the shop window.

The new shop can be found at 75b Stoke Road, Guildford, GU1 4HT and is within easy walking distance of both Guildford mainline (11 minutes) and Guildford London Road station (8 minutes).

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Busy times at Kernow

Busy times mid-morning

Andy checks out the range

Andy York checks out some of the scenic range.

Chris helps the first customer

Owner Chris Trerise assists the first customer through the door. 


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