Hornby Puffer Bottle, anyone?

02 April 2019
Puffer-bottle2-15129.jpg Hornby R7182 Puffer bottle
Arriving with Hornby retailers, the latest addition to the SkaleScenics range of model railway landscaping items from the manufacturer is this puffer bottle.

If you're a fan of having scenery on your layout (and you probably are) there's a chance you'll find this new item to arrive in Hornby's SkaleScenics range of use - a puffer bottle. As useful for applying static grass to your layout as fine flock, they have a particular advantage over static grass applicators. Puffer bottles are capable of 'puffing' - hence the name - grass into hard to reach corners, such as around buildings and underneath trees. They won't make static grass fibres stand on end to the same extent as static grass applicators, but they're much cheaper and work well for small projects.

Using Hornby's new R7182 Puffer Bottle is simple. Simply unscrew the lid, remove the shaker head and load it with a flock of your choice, returning the head into place. Apply a scenic glue to your project such as Hornby R7183 SkaleScenics Grass Glue, then, holding the puffer bottle 10cm or so away from the area you want to grass, squeeze it. You'll find a waft of air and flock material will fall over the glue. Apply as much or as little as necessary.

For more subtle effects, or when blending colours together, experiment by holding it at a greater height from your area of work. Testing on an inconspicuous area first is advised for best results, though flocks can be changed in colour later, even if the glue has dried. Visit your local Hornby stockist or www.hornby.com to see the full range of SkaleScenic items.

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Hornby R7182 Puffer Bottle


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