Hornby mid-year model announcements

29 May 2019
Cowes-95161.jpg SR 'Terrier' 0-6-0T
Hornby unveils 15 versatile new liveries for its current tooling. Here's why modellers of the privatised railway-era should be pleased...

Since its 2019 range was unveiled last December, the team at Hornby, has been preparing the announcement of its next model releases for 2019/2020. This smaller, mid-year announcement is now a tradition in the calendar of manufacturers' unveilings, and this year sees Hornby press 15 new liveries into action on its model range. Most are expected to arrive early next year, with a few as early as this autumn. Let's take a closer look...

For LB&SCR / SR fans, its already popular model of the 0-6-0 'Terrier' sees the addition of two new liveries, with (R3812) No. 10 Cowes in Southern green, a long-term resident on the Isle of Wight for 36 years. Suitable for the late-1928 to mid-1936 era, the model will appeal to modellers of the Isle of Wight railways, or mainland modellers after it was recalled in 1936 and stored until 1949 as a source of spares.

Hornby R3812 Terrier No. 10

Hornby (R3812) 0-6-0T 'Terrier' No. 10 Cowes.

Built at Brighton Works during December 1876 at a cost of around £1,875.00, No. 48 Leadenhall was allocated to New Cross from 9 December 1876, but when the Great Eastern, Metropolitan and District railways took greater control of running East London line services during the mid-1880s, the locomotive was transferred to Eastbourne for the Hailsham and Lewes local services. Later, the locomotive was moved to Portsmouth in 1890, where it worked the East Southsea and Hayling Island branch line services until August 1901, when it was relegated to the LB&SCR Duplicate List. Presented in LB&SCR Stroudley Improved Engine Green, the model is an ideal pairing with its model of No. 655 Stepney (R3780). Both models will carry an RRP of £89.99.

Hornby R3811 Terrier No. 48 Leadenhall

Hornby (R3811) 0-6-0T 'Terrier' No. 48 Leadenhall


Another new livery for tooling is (R3773) - BR's 'Provincial' livery applied to its Class 156 model to depict set 156401 (DMS No. 57401 and DMSL No. 52401). The two-car set was the first of the class to enter service, being built in November 1987 and sent to the RTC at Derby in December for type testing and evaluation. The unit entered revenue earning service at Norwich Crown Point, working East Anglia to North West express services. It will carry an RRP of £124.99.

Hornby Class 156 R3773

Hornby Class 156 (R3773)

Joining the range of Mk. 3 coaches from the manufacturer are three new liveries to depict Staff Coach 977984, Conference Coach 975814 and OHPL Test Coach 977993. Each carries an RRP of £34.99

Train Staff Coach, 977984

Network Rail Mk. 3 New Measurement Train Staff Coach, 977984

Network Rail Mk3 New Measurement Train Conference Coach, 975814

Network Rail Mk. 3 New Measurement Train Conference Coach, 975814

Network Rail Mk3 New Measurement Train OHPL Test Coach, 977993

Network Rail Mk. 3 New Measurement Train OHPL Test Coach, 977993


Expected as early as September this year are models in the red and white colours of Coca-Cola. A long wheelbase box van and tank wagon will join its release of the Coca-Cola train pack, later this year.

Hornby R6934 CocaCola

Hornby R6934 Coca-Cola long wheelbase van.

Hornby R6933 CocaCola

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Hornby (R6933) Coca-Cola tank wagon.

Other additions include new running numbers for its MHA Coalfish:

Hornby R6929 MHA Coalfish

Hornby (R6929) MHA Coalfish ballast wagon in EWS maroon.


Also available as a three-pack with an RRP of £60.99:

Hornby (R6928) MHA Coalfish ballast wagon three-pack

Hornby (R6928) MHA Coalfish ballast wagon three-pack.


Finally, further variations to its KFA Intermodals include:

Hornby (R6927) KFA Intermodel wagon

Hornby (R6927) KFA Intermodel wagon, Touax. RRP £39.99


Hornby (R6926) KFA Intermodal

Hornby (R6926) KFA Intermodal wagon, Tiphook Rail. RRP £32.99.









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