Heljan show first tooling shots of their GWR railcar

16 July 2019
Heljanrailcars-(4)-14193.jpg GWr railcar
Heljan's first tooling samples of the OO and O gauge GWR AEC Railcars have arrived for assessment.

Heljan have revealed the first tooling samples of their OO and O gauge GWR AEC Railcars, delivered for assessment.

Buyers will be able to enjoy lots of fine details, interior lighting and switchable cab and tail lights and headlamps for both DC and DCC users.

We have been asked to point out that these are the first test samples and so have a number of issues that will be rectified before production starts (including glazing and roof details). For example, both original and modified windscreen wipers fitted!

Liveries will cover all main GWR and BR liveries carried by these pioneering diesel trains.

More information on pricing and delivery dates will follow shortly.

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