NEWS: Heljan seeks feedback on Class 56 'CAD'

04 October 2019
The Danish manufacturer unveils initial CAD design, looking to enthusiasts for constructive feedback before the project progresses.

Heljan has completed the first draft of CAD for its O gauge Class 56 diesel-electric locomotive. The manufacturer has been clear to state it is a work in progress, though welcomes constructive feedback for potential improvements and modifications, if deemed necessary.

Heljan Class 56 locomotive

Provision has been made for a smoke unit inside the body, with the speaker space inside the fuel tank/battery box area. The DCC-friendly PCB will be fitted with screw terminals.

Other features include etched-metal diamond pattern grilles, LED head, tail and cab lights, two cab door handrail options, powered roof fans and an optional NRN aerial on the cab roof.

Heljan Class 56

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Cab interior detail is plentiful. Internal bracing detail is also represented.

Heljan Class 56
Finely-detailed bogies with authentic main frame shape are obvious and in true Heljan tradition, will be powered by two heavy-duty motors with solid brass flywheels. Customers will have the option to fit a cabside air-conditioning grille and 'grid' below the bufferbeam. Details of the locomotives and liveries being produced will be in Heljan's 2020 catalogue, which will go on sale at the Warley NEC show on November 23. To provide feedback on the new model, visit its facebook page.



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