Heljan O gauge announcements

31 August 2019
a1003e05-7d97-4b43-b536-71667aa0dbf7-74260.jpeg Hand painted samples of the Vlass 31 (Photo: BRIAN DANIELS)
Heljan has made several new announcements at Guildex today.

Refurbished Class 31/1 and Class 31/4.

This model is tooled and undergoing final design tweaks before moving to the decoration stage. Models should be released in early-2020. Prices will be announced shortly. 

Version 2 - Class 31/1

#3120 - Railfreight large logo grey/yellow 31296 Amlwch Freighter/Tren Nwyddau Amlwch LIGHTLY WEATHERED
#3121 - Railfreight ‘Red Stripe' grey/yellow unnumbered
#3122 - Railfreight Sector three tone grey unbranded and unnumbered
#3123 - BR Civil Engineers grey/yellow unnumbered

Version 3 - Class 31/4 with headlight

#3140 BR blue 31/4 unnumbered
#3141 InterCity Mainline unnumbered
#3142 Regional Railways unnumbered
#3143 EWS red/gold 31466
#3144 Network Rail yellow unnumbered

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New BR Mk1 coaches with Commonwealth/B4 bogies

In response to public demand for coaching stock to complement recent O gauge locomotives such as the Class 37/4 and Class 50, and our forthcoming Class 31/4 and Class 47, Heljan have tooled two new bogie types - the Commonwealth and B4. These will be deployed first under a new selection of BR Mk1 coaches in Network SouthEast, InterCity, Regional Railways and BR blue/grey livery.

They will also make the bogies available separately in pairs, enabling customers to exchange bogies on existing Heljan Mk1s. Tooling is complete and final alterations and improvements are now being made before production starts. These models should be available in late-2019 or early-2020. 

The coaches will all be produced fully branded but without running numbers. Prices will be announced shortly. 

Network SouthEast - TSO, SK, BSK, FK

InterCity - TSO, BSK, RMB, FK, BG

Regional Railways - TSO, FK, BSK

BR blue/grey - TSO, SK, BSK, FK, RMB, BG


A new project now underway is the once numerous BR Mk1 CCT general purpose two-axle van. This will be produced in all major liveries from original BR maroon to 1980s BR blue and departmental liveries. Development is at an early stage, but further details will be announced as they are confirmed.

The provisional list of liveries is as follows: 

  • BR lined maroon
  • BR maroon unlined
  • BR blue unbranded
  • BR blue ‘Red Star’ 
  • Breakdown Train Unit (BTU) yellow
  • BR engineers olive green
  • BR lined maroon (weathered)
  • BR blue ‘Express Parcels’ (weathered)
  • ‘Tartan Arrow’ red/white



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