Gaugemaster launches printed catalogue

29 April 2019
thumbnail-50496.jpg Gaugemaster Catalogue
The one-stop model railway superstore produces an up-to-date catalogue of its products and flyers.

Gaugemaster, the model railway superstore based in Arundel, West Sussex has issued a printed catalogue of its products. The new 128-page colour catalogue (ref. GM360) is available from its network of dealers at £4.95 and features all Gaugemaster brands, plus a selection of articles on how to use its items to best effect, plus useful tips and techniques. Ideal for keeping to hand for a quick reference when you're in need of a product, whether scenic, electronic, tool or controller-related, you'll find all inside.

To coincide with the catalogue launch, a new suite of leaflets is available from its network of dealers, free of charge. Subjects covered include:

  • (GM9950) Gaugemaster Analogue
  • (GM9951) Gaugemaster Collection
  • (GM9952) Gaugemaster DCC
  • (GM9953) Gaugemaster Electrics
  • (GM9954) Gaugemaster Highways
  • (GM9955) Gaugemaster Kestrel
  • (GM9956) Gaugemaster Lighting
  • (GM9957) Gaugemaster Scenics
  • (GM9958) Gaugemaster Point Control
  • (GM9959) Gaugemaster Structures
  • (GM9960) Gaugemaster Tiny Signs
  • (GM9961) Gaugemaster Tools
  • (GM9962) Gaugemaster Track

Gaugemaster Catalogue

Gaugemaster's range of injection-moulded kits from its Structures range offer modellers cost-effective detailed entry-level kits.


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Gaugemaster Catalogue

The 128-page colour catalogue contains tips on how to use its products, illustrated by diagrams where relevant.


Gaugemaster leaflets

Each of the new Gaugemaster leaflets contains a selection of its products relevant to the subject.

See your local Gaugemaster stockist, or visit its store on Ford Road, Arundel BN18 0BN or its website to pick up your copy.


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