Eileens Emporium to become the first stockist of ModelU figures.

09 September 2019
modeluk-62218.jpg 3D printed handshake
ModeuU will be reducing the number of shows they attend, but retailing figures through Eileens Emporium.

Modelu announced the appointment of Eileens Emporium as their first broadline stockist.

Having enjoyed continued growth over the last few years ModelU has now reached the point to make a significant change in the way they operate.

While they will continue to attend several exhibitions, with the central focus being 3D body scanning for custom figures, along with a small stock of products carried, they will switch focus to working on new products, markets and technologies.

Derek Russan adds "We at Eileens emporium are very pleased to be working with Modelu. We will be making the full range of High Resolution figures and Accessories available in all scales. Initially stocks will be limited to the most popular 4mm models, but will be expanded as time progresses. All other scales from N gauge to 16mm scale will be available. These include British and American model railway scales and Military and Aircraft scales. All products will be available to order online and at exhibitions. We will have our initial stock range stock and samples on display at most exhibitions we attend and look forward to stocking a wider range as time progresses".

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