DJ Models update

12 June 2019
djmlogo-90564.jpg DJ Models
Those who have paid money to DJ Models, need to register with the firm handling the receivership process.

BRM has been talking to CG Recovery, the firm handling the process of putting DJ Models into receivership. Knowing that some of our readers will have paid into the company as part of the "crowdfunding" process, we decided to find out how they should go about recovering any funds. 

The first step is to send all the details of your payment, especially a copy of the invoice, to either

[email protected]


[email protected]

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Most people will have electronic invoices, so a copy can be attached to the e-mail. If you only have a paper version, scan or take a high-resolution photo (your phone should be OK) and attach this. If you can't do this, contact CG-Recovery anyway and they will help you.

Once registered, CG-Recovery will assess this and be able to advise accordingly.

Most importantly, your details will be added to their creditors database and you will receive further updates as the process progresses. If you don't register, you won't be updated. 


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