Dapol shows decorated samples of 7mm Turbot

25 July 2019
Turbot-37913.jpg Turbot
New images of Dapol's forthcoming YCV wagon.

Dapol has shown the latest decorated samples of their O gauge, Turbot ballast wagon.

The Turbot bogie ballast wagon was a development from the earlier Bogie Bolster E Wagon, manufactured in the 1960s and intended for the transfer of steel. Found too short for this role, they were converted with the addition of a low body, into ballast carrying wagons.

Now nicknamed the Turbot, over 1000 YCV wagons were rebuilt by BR between 1982 and 1988. The wagons lasted in service until 2002 on the main line.

Dapol's 7mm scale model features a fully detailed body with separately moulded side doors and stanchions, something kitbashers will be pleased to see.

Delivery is expected between August and October 2019.

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