Cavalex to produce Class 91 and Mk.4 coaches

04 March 2019
Class91-93810.jpg Cavalex Models Class 91
Popular and in demand, Cavalex is to fill a market gap with its first locomotive and coach proposal for OO and N gauges.

It's official - we can expect an updated model of the Class 91 locomotives and Mk.4 coaching stock in OO and N gauge. In an update on its website last night, Cavalex Models announced its intentions to produce models of the iconic East Coast Mainline locomotives in three proposed liveries, with a project update to follow early April.

A bold move from the manufacturer sees it branch out for the first time from models (or proposed models) of rolling stock to a powered model. Cavalex anticipates detail on its model will superceed that of Hornby's current offering, clearly targeting the market of more discerning modellers, though prices have yet to be announced.

Proposed liveries for OO and N gauge models are: Inter-City Swallow – Class 91 and Mark 4 carriages (Running numbers to be confirmed), LNER – Class 91 and Mark 4 carriages and LNER – 91119 ‘Bounds Green Intercity depot 1977-2017’

Cavalex Models Class 91

Photo courtesy Neil Harvey


British Rail tendered for the design and construction of a new Electric locomotive to operate the new electric services from London’s Kings Cross to Doncaster, Leeds, York, Newcastle and Edinburgh, and GEC successfully won the tender with British Rail Engineering Limited being the sub-contractor for the Class 91 locomotives.

A total of 31 locomotives were built at Crewe works between 1988 and 1991 with the first passenger earning service taking place in March 1989. Electrification of the East Coast Mainline was completed in 1991 with electric services commencing from London to Edinburgh in the summer of 1991. 91010 has the fame of holding the title of the fastest locomotive in Britain having attained a speed of 161.7 mph (260.2 km/h) on September 17, 1989 during a test run down Stoke Bank.
The Mk. 4 coaches were built by Metro Cammell/GEC-Alsthom between 1989 and 1992.

After privitisation, the Class 91 fleet and Mk. 4 coaches have been owned by Eversholt Rail Group and leased to companies operating under franchise. After InterCity and then GNER, National Express East Coast, East Coast and Virgin Trains East Coast, they are currently run by London North Eastern Railway. Between 2000 and 2003 a major refurbishment programme was undertaken at Doncaster Works to help improve reliability. Following overhaul, the locomotive fleet were renumbered 91/1s and are still in revenue-earning service.

In other news...

  • A new model of a TEA 102GLW Class A bogie tank wagon to be produced in OO and N gauge. Proposed liveries are TEA – Total grey, TEA – Livery for current period (TBC) and KBA – Barrier wagon. CAD artwork is complete, subject to final adjustments.

TEA bogie tank wagon

  • Cavalex Models is taking pre-orders for its BBA and issuing invoices over the next few weeks with the intention of starting tooling at the end of March 2019.
  • A second batch of its PGA wagons is to be produced with new liveries. Options for prototypically-correct factory-fitted protection plates or ladders fitted or omitted are also available. The new releases are expected to arrive with Cavalex Models retailers in the third quarter of 2019.

As yet, the manufacturer hasn't seen enough interest in its N gauge proposition for the PGA, though it is hoped that by extending the deadline until April 15 it will achieve the minimum number of orders for production to go ahead.

Cavalex Models PGA hopper Redland livery

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Original Redland


Cavalex Models White livery PGA


Cavalex models PGA hopper white livery with patch

White with patch


Cavalex models PGA hopper white livery

Plain white livery


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