Brexit window display causes a stir

20 May 2019
Brexit-window-71013.jpg Brexit Window display
Great Eastern Models creates a satirical display, raising smiles and eyebrows.

A topical and attention-grabbing window display has been made by Great Eastern Model Railways for its Norwich store. Its new 'Brexit' diorama sees a train shuttle backwards and forwards through a tunnel with a backdrop of the white cliffs of Dover, momentarily pausing at the 'out' platform, then heading straight back to pause at the 'in' platform.

"We have been careful not to promote political views through the shop window, but depict the constant “to-ing and fro-ing” that has occurred during the Brexit process", said Anne Martin, proprietor of the family-run business.

“We like to keep our displays topical and fresh, celebrating special events throughout the year, as do many high street shops”, continued Anne. The model shop has always taken pride in its window displays, celebrating events like Christmas, Easter, Mother’s Day, Father’s Day and Remembrance Day.

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Brexit diorama display

Great Eastern Model's 'Brexit' window diorama, built to entertain passers-by.

"Over the hot Easter days, the rails on our previous model railway expanded, causing the train to keep hitting the buffers. A flippant comment made by a customer likening our model to the turmoil of the Brexit situation “hitting the Buffers” was our inspiration". The satirical display has raised smiles and eyebrows amongst customers and friends. Visit its website for more details on the model shop.


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