New wireless decoder from Soundtraxx

24 August 2023
American manufacturer shares details of latest digital sound decoder.

Soundtraxx has announced the wireless BLU-PNP8 digital sound decoder. The BLU-PNP8 is designed for use in most North American HO diesel models, and works with all Tsunami2 decoders, when used with a command station. It can also be adapted for use in British-outline models, provided suitable sound files are available.

Installed with an 8-ohm speaker, the BLU-PNP8 provides sound and operational features, including eight lighting outputs, with the addition of wireless operations via onboard Bluetooth communications and the free Blunami app.

The decoder is compatible with NMRA DCC Standards and recommended practices and is designed and manufactured in Durango, Colorado. All versions are listed at $162.95, MSRP.

Blunami features:

  • Reactive dynamic digital exhaust
  • Functioning brakes
  • Over 60 individual sound effects in 16-bit sound with a seven-band equalizer
  • Flex-Map functionality utilising over 28 functions
  • 'Hyperdrive2' motor control for smooth, slow-speed operation
  • 28-function support, with directional and emergency-stop functions

The Blunami BLU-PNP8 wireless digital sound decoder works using either an NMRA-compliant DCC command station, or a digital device such as a tablet or phone with the Blunami App. The wireless operation is designed to "work reliably with distances up to 100ft" and allows the user to connect to and run multiple decoders. The Blunami App is available for free download to a variety of smart devices, which are listed on the SoundTraxx website.

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Soundtraxx commented, "While the BLU-PNP8 is a fully featured DCC Sound Decoder, no command station is necessary, and no functionality is lost when used with the app. The BLU-PNP8 format is designed as a replacement or upgrade from factory boards that come in a large variety of HO diesel models. Each part number contains up to twelve prime movers, over 40 airhorns and a variety of selectable sound effects including bells, compressors, couplers, dynamic brakes, and more."

BLU-PNP8 Specifications:

  • 74 x 17 x 5mm Universal Format
  • 2A Motor Stall Current
  • 8 Function outputs
  • 2 Watt, 8 Ohm Audio Amplifier
  • 16 Sound Channels
  • 885613 BLU-PNP8 for Diesel EMD Prototypes (EMD collection 1)
  • 885614 BLU-PNP8 for Diesel GE Prototypes
  • 885615 BLU-PNP8 for Diesel ALCO Prototypes
  • 885616 BLU-PNP8 for Diesel Baldwin & Others Prototypes
  • 885624 BLU-PNP8 for Diesel EMD-2 Prototypes (EMD collection 2)

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